Expansion of the commercial forest plantation in the department of Vichada, Colombia; under the number 1530 in the VERRA Registry.

Project Type:

Agriculture, forestry and other land uses – ARR AFOLU

Project Seize:

16.000 ha

Planted Area Cycle 1:

3.102,2 ha

Future expansion potential of the project:

7.500 ha of the Horizonte Verde core.

Project Location:

Project 1530 is divided into four cores: El Toro, Canapé, Ecoforestal and Horizonte Verde. The project area is located in the jurisdiction of the Orinoquía Regional Autonomous Corporation (Corporinoquia) in the municipality of Puerto Carreño, department of Vichada, Colombia. The area subject to expansion will be the one corresponding to the Horizonte Verde agroindustry properties.

Project Description:

The grouped project aims to promote the change in land use, from extensive livestock farming to sustainable forest production systems in Vichada (Colombia), through the establishment of forest plantations. In the project verification period (2011-2020), 3.102,2 ha have been established with the species Acacia mangium , Eucaliptus pellita , Eucalyptus teriticornis and Anacardium occidentali , distributed in four nuclei: El Toro, Canapro , Ecoforestal (El Diamante) and Horizonte Verde.
Through reforestation activities, soil has been recovered, connectivity between ecosystems has been promoted, and employment has been generated for more than 190 people. Additionally, the project promotes the conservation of fauna and flora in the region with the conservation of forests near forest plantations. Additionally, with the increase in forest cover due to the establishment of timber plantations, the project has removed 296.720 tCO2e between the years 2011-2020. For the year 2023, it is planned to expand the planted area, by establishing approximately 7.500 ha in the available area suitable for the establishment of forest plantations on the properties that are part of project 1530 and that are owned by Agroindustria Horizonte Verde.

Carbon Offsets Estimate:

Remaining accreditation of the project for 18 years:

Total offset buffer 15 %811.3461.088.1171.590.861

Total project accreditation for the 30 years:

Total offset buffer 15 %1.493.4392.003.0252.932.118