About us

From words to action:

We are a team of professionals with extensive knowledge in the energy, oil and gas, and reforestation business development sectors, joining the fight against climate change.

National and international companies trust our services

Companies within different sectors like oil and gas, fuel distribution, energy, consumer goods, industry and hospitality are already utilizing our services.

About us

Decarbonize with C-neutral

End-to-end decarbonization services

We are a technology-based company founded in Colombia, which assists companies with measuring their carbon footprint and designing decarbonization pathways.

The story behind C-neutral

C-neutral started in 2020 as an initiative of 5 professionals committed to the environment and passionate about entrepreneurship.

A technology-based company that creates innovative solutions to tackle environmental challenges. We aim to galvanize action to make a genuine impact in the fight against climate change.

At C-neutral we are committed to the planet. We decided to bring environmental knowledge and management together and in a simple and direct way, help individuals and companies build their pathway towards carbon neutrality.

Our purpose

The more we reduce our CO2e emissions:

We will all have a better quality of life!

Our purpose is to articulate all actors in the low carbon market in Colombia and the world, with the help of tools that facilitate understanding and action against climate change.

We work so that companies and individuals can easily understand their carbon footprint, discover how to reduce their emissions and finally offset those that cannot be reduced, until they reach carbon neutrality.

Our team

The people who make your projects a reality

C-neutral is a team of professionals passionate about sustainable development.

Boris Mulett
Astrid Rodríguez Leal
Magaly Acosta
Engineer for Carbon Markets
Maximilian Bustos
Decarbonization Engineer