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Give more life to the planet by managing, reducing and offsetting your CO2e emissions with Biita App.

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Biita App

What is Biita App?

Biita is a mobile application developed to bring environmental management closer to people

Its mission is to help you to know the impact that your habits have on the environment and to discover the path and the actions to compensate them.

Biita provides an estimated calculation of the personal carbon footprint, based on criteria like: transportation, nutrition, habits, and energy and gas consumption. And from them, information is provided to learn, reduce or offset your carbon footprint.

This is how Biita helps us achieve massive environmental management that allows us to reduce CO2e emissions and stop global warming.

Who benefits from Biita App?

We have no hesitation in affirming it

Biita is for you if you are a person interested in knowing and managing your carbon footprint, supporting sustainable projects, developing sustainable habits and changing the world.

Together we can make it happen!

Biita App
Your daily actions don’t lie

Why should you join?

Most of the actions you do generate CO2e emissions, which affect the environment

On your way, each action counts and adds up, you just need to learn and make a decision.
Remember that we are all part of the change.


Frequently asked questions

We solve some common doubts about Bita App.


Biita App is much more than a calculator of your carbon footprint.

Let’s say it’s your permanent travel companion, helping you manage your emissions to reduce or offset them.

By registering daily the information that Biita requests from you in its sections. Imagine keeping an ecological diary on your mobile. That’s Biita App

The Biita mobile application is currently compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Biita App is 100% mobile. So it is available everywhere you take your phone. It’s your daily travel companion!

From the calculate section of the Biita application. There you will find all your actions registered in the app, so you can keep track of your personal carbon footprint.