The purpose of this document of terms and conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") is intended to present the applicable conditions for the use and relationship of users and customers with our applications and platforms, www.c-neutral.co , www.biita.com.co and Biita app, (collectively referred to as "The Domains)", all owned and operated by C-Neutral S.A.S, a company legally constituted under Colombian laws and domiciled in the city of Bogotá, identified with Nit.901.426.711-6, (hereinafter "C-Neutral").

The visitor, client or user, (hereinafter individually identified as the "User" and together as the "Users") by entering, using and registering in the Domains, declares to have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions in their entirety. In case you do not accept them, you must refrain from accessing, browsing or registering.

Contact C-Neutral S.A.S.

For all purposes relating to terms and conditions, we present the general and contact information:

Address, cityCalle 94 A # 13-34 Oficina 105 – Bogotá
Phone3183503197 –
Area in chargeAdministrative

Personal Data Processing Policy

By visiting our Domains and / or buying the products or services presented there, you participate in our service and accept our Personal Data Processing Policy, published in www.c-neutral.co The User who makes use of our Domains declares that he knows and accepts the Policy of treatment and use of personal data published in www.c-neutral.co and knows the Privacy Notice which is in this document.

Industrial property

All trademarks, commercial slogans, trade names, commercial brands, and any other distinctive sign, as well as utility models and / or industrial designs and other elements of industrial or intellectual property inserted, used and / or displayed in our Domains are the exclusive property of C-Neutral, or its licensors, customers, suppliers or allies as identified therein (hereinafter the "Owners"). The total or partial reproduction of the Domains, and the intellectual property of the Owners contained therein without the prior written authorization of the same, is prohibited.


All computer, graphic, advertising, photographic, multimedia, audiovisual and / or design material, as well as all contents, texts and databases made available in the Domains, are the exclusive property of C- NEUTRAL and the Owners as appropriate.

All the contents in the Domains are protected, and the rules of Copyright and related rights are applicable, by virtue of national legislation and international regulations that enshrine them.

Any act of copying, reproduction, modification, adaptation, creation of derivative works, sale or distribution, exhibition of the contents found in Domains that is made by any means, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other means, without the prior written permission of C-NEUTRAL and Owners.

Under no circumstances will Users interpret or understand that these Terms and Conditions confer rights, licenses and / or authorizations to perform the acts described above.


C-NEUTRAL does not provide services, nor does it provide services to acquire goods from minors under 18 years of age. Therefore, all children and adolescents under 18 years of age must refrain from entering, browsing, and / or registering in the Domains. Therefore, the parents, guardians, legal representatives or whoever exercises parental authority, of any minor acting as a User, will be entirely responsible for the actions that minors perform through it, and will be responsible for accompanying and authorizing any transaction with C-NEUTRAL.

Consequently, any User of the Domains with the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, declares, affirms and guarantees that he is of legal age in accordance with the laws of Colombia or the country where he is, who in any case must be Users over eighteen (18) years of age.


This document will apply to all organizational processes and transactions developed by C-NEUTRAL, as well as any interaction of Users with the Domains defined below and related below:


  • Website: Refers to the site www.c-neutral.co and www.biita.com.co
  • App: Refers to the portable computer application Biita
  • Users: Client or user, who as the final recipient, acquires, uses or enjoys a product or services offered by C-NEUTRAL, or allied third parties, and accesses, browses and registers in the Domains accepting the Terms and Conditions.
  • Domains: Applications and platforms, www.c-neutral.co, www.biita.com.co and Biita App.
  • Owners: C-NEUTRAL, or its licensors, customers, suppliers or allies.
  • Product/s: Any good or service offered by C-NEUTRAL or third parties within the authorized Domains and allies of C-NEUTRAL.
  • Payment Gateways: Services that allow the realization of the payment and use of the electronic payment systems, of the portals with which C-NEUTRAL has made an alliance for the Website and Domains.

General Terms

  1. Natural persons who enter our Domains have the possibility of performing the following actions:
    • Download the APP through the platforms and applications where it is available
    • Create a user account, entering a valid email and a personal key.
    • Restore the key.
    • Calculate and recalculate the estimated personal carbon footprint by providing general information about four parameters: means of transport, food, consumption and household.
    • Learn about environmental management.
    • Learn about options to reduce and offset your carbon footprint.
    • Rate the experience in the App.
    • Share the app.
    • Access the Online Store.
    • Buy tree planting.
    • Buy and share socio-environmental projects.
    • Browse and purchase the Products available on the Domains.
  2. The Domains and their Owners reserve the right to request additional information or supports that allow corroborating the identity of the person who registers as a User.
  3. C-NEUTRAL reserves the right to deny, temporarily or permanently suspend, or even cancel the registration of those whose data could not be confirmed and corroborated.  
  4. Registered Users will be recognized at all times the rights that assist them as a consumer and user by C-NEUTRAL. For their part, Users with the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions also declare and undertake to comply with their duties under the terms of Law 1480 of 2011 and the legislation on electronic commerce both nationally and internationally applicable.

Online Store Terms

  1. By using the C-NEUTRAL online store service contained in its Domains (hereinafter the "Store"), the User accepts the Terms and Conditions, and thereby declares to be of legal age in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1.6 above, committing to deliver any additional information that is requested by C-NEUTRAL in accordance with the measures thus used to verify the age of the Users under the terms of this document and Colombian legislation.
  2. The User may not use or acquire our Products in the Store to carry out any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You may not, in the use, acquisition of the Product, violate any law of your jurisdiction. Breach or violation of any of these Terms and Conditions will result in the immediate cessation of the Products and the use and access to the Website and Domains of C-NEUTRAL.
  3. C-NEUTRAL does not collect financial information from Users such as credit or debit card numbers, or bank account numbers. The foregoing taking into account that payments are made through electronic payment platforms or systems external to C-NEUTRAL.
  4. The duly registered User will have access to the Store through which he can select the C-NEUTRAL Product that is available, and once selected, go to the payment portal provided by C-NEUTRAL to finalize the transaction and payment.
  5. Users are recommended to review the Privacy and Information Use Policies of the corresponding payment platforms made available to make payment. C-NEUTRAL will use PAYULATAM as the payment platform for the previously selected Product.

Modifications to the products and their prices

  1. The prices of the Products offered in the Domains, own or third parties, are subject to change without prior notice, so the User is responsible for reviewing our website periodically to verify the changes or make visible the updates that C-NEUTRAL makes.
  2. The P's offered in the Domains, own or third parties, may be modified or discontinued at any time without prior notice, so the User is responsible for reviewing our website periodically to verify availability and / or make visible the updates that C-NEUTRAL makes.
  3. In the event that there is no availability of the Product, C-NEUTRAL will leave said annotation in the Product exhibition in the Domains, so that the User is informed in the acquisition of the same.
  4. In the event that, at the time of purchasing the Product, its availability has been affected, C-NEUTRAL, will notify the User, in the manner established in this document.

Products or services

  1. C-NEUTRAL will provide Users with true, reliable, sufficient, clear, updated information regarding the Products offered under the terms of current legislation. These will be accompanied by images and / or photographs and their scale in such a way that the User can make a representation as close to the reality of the Products offered under the terms of current legislation.
  2. Sales of own or third-party Products or the provision of services made through the Domains may be limited to quantities, persons, territories, jurisdictions, as permitted by applicable regulations and the scope of C-NEUTRAL.
  3. All descriptions of Products or prices thereof are subject to modification at any time as deemed necessary C-NEUTRAL in the terms permitted by current legislation, without prior notice to the User, so the User is responsible for reviewing our website periodically to verify the changes or make visible the updates that C-NEUTRAL makes.
  4. Users have the right to cancel the transaction until it is concluded.
  5. Once the transaction is concluded, C-NEUTRAL will send, no later than the calendar day following the order, an acknowledgment of receipt thereof, with precise information on the delivery time, exact price, including taxes, shipping costs and the way in which the payment was made.

Payment gateway

Users are fully aware of and accept the use of electronic payment systems, of the portals with which the Website has made an alliance (hereinafter "Payment Gateways") to make the payment once the Product has been selected in the Domain.

C-NEUTRAL will use PayU Latam as a platform to make the payment: Users can find the Terms and Conditions of use of this Payment Gateway at: www.payulatam.com. Users will be responsible for knowing the terms and conditions of this platform before making the transaction with C-NEUTRAL in their Domains so, making use of it, the User is accepting them and therefore has the responsibility to comply with them.


For billing purposes, the User voluntarily provides identification information, full name, address, telephone number and declares the veracity of the same.

The User agrees to provide current, complete, accurate information of the purchase, and the account used for all purchases made in our Store, and undertakes to update it when required.

Once the purchase of the Product has been made, an electronic invoice will be issued, which will be sent to the email of the registered User. The User acknowledges and accepts that it is his responsibility to have the active e-mail service reported for this purpose. Each invoice issued by C-NEUTRAL, will comply with the requirements established by Colombian legislation, so, before any claim, you can contact C-NEUTRAL through the email: administrativa@c-neutral.co

  1. C-NEUTRAL may, at its discretion, limit or cancel the quantities purchased per person, per household or per order. These restrictions may include orders placed by, or under the same account of the User, the same credit card, and / or orders that use the same billing and / or shipping address in the terms allowed by Colombian law.
  2. C-NEUTRAL reserves the right to limit or prohibit orders or purchases that, in C-NEUTRAL's judgment, appear to be placed by dealers, resellers or distributors.
  3. C-NEUTRAL reserves the right to refuse any order you place due to the unavailability of the Product or for reasons that make it impossible for C-NEUTRAL to process the order.
  4. In the event that the foregoing occurs, C-NEUTRAL will inform the User of this situation through the email delivered and registered at the time of payment, in order to proceed with the reversal of the payment or refund of money provided that this has been made in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

In any of the cases mentioned above, and C-NEUTRAL makes a change or cancels an Order, C-NEUTRAL will notify the User by contacting via email and / or billing address / telephone number provided at the time the order was placed and in case there has been payment, it will proceed with the reversal or refund of money in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal will be exercised in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and in the manner permitted in Colombian legislation.

The User must return the product to C-NEUTRAL in case he has acquired it, by the same means and in the same conditions in which he received it in the terms of the original transaction, once the return is reported, with the presentation of the corresponding invoice.

The transport costs and the others involved in the return of the good or Product, will be covered by the User, unless the return is due to defects in the quality of the product and said costs will be informed at the time the return is reported to the User.

The maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal will be five (5) business days from the delivery of the good or the conclusion of the contract in case of the provision of services, or the term that is applicable in accordance with current legislation.

Exceptions to the following cases and according to the corporate purpose performed by C-NEUTRAL, contracts for the supply of goods made according to the User's specifications or clearly personalized, and other excepted cases determined by applicable and current national legislation.

C-NEUTRAL must return in money, when the transaction is carried out in cash, to the User all the sums paid without proceeding to make discounts or withholdings for any concept.

In case of requesting the reversal of the payment, this will be made to the same payment method used for the purchase in the terms of chapter 7 below.In any case, the refund of the money or reversal of the payment to the User may not exceed thirty (30) days from the moment the right was exercised. This will depend on the bank of which the User is a customer when the payment has been made through credit card, or the mechanism used for the return of the cash payment if it was made.

Reversal of payment

When the purchase has been made through electronic commerce mechanisms, such as the Internet, PES and has been used to make the payment by a credit card, debit card or any other electronic payment instrument, the participants of the payment process must reverse the payments requested by the consumer when he is subject to fraud, or corresponds to an unsolicited operation, or the product purchased is not received, or the product delivered does not correspond to what was requested or is defective under the terms of current legislation.

In order for the reversal of the payment to proceed, within five (5) business days following the date on which the User became aware of the fraudulent or unsolicited operation or that he should have received the product or received it defective or did not correspond to what was requested, the User must file a complaint with C-NEUTRAL , and the latter return the Product, if it has received them when appropriate, and notify the issuer of the electronic payment instrument used to make the purchase, which, together with the other participants in the payment process, will proceed to reverse the transaction to the User.

Prohibited Uses

The use of the Domains to:

  • Some illegal or illegitimate purpose.
  • Ask others to perform or participate in unlawful acts.
  • Violate any Colombian or international rules, regulations, rules, laws
  • Infringe or violate the intellectual property right or copyright and related rights of the Owner or third parties.
  • Harass, abuse, insult, harm, defame, slander, discredit, intimidate or discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, nationality or disability of others.
  • Disrespect or threaten in any way other Users of the Products.
  • Presenting false or misleading information.
  • Upload or transmit viruses or any other type of malicious code that is or may be used in any way that may compromise the functionality or operation of the Domains, Website and Products or any C-NEUTRAL or third party related website.
  • Collect or track personal information from others.
  • Generate spam, phish, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl, or scrape.
  • Any obscene or immoral purpose.
  • Interfere with, or circumvent the security features of C-NEUTRAL and its Domains or any related websites.
  • The User must not make improper or prohibited use of the Website and C-NEUTRAL Domains.
  • C-NEUTRAL reserves the right to deny, temporarily or permanently suspend the entry, registration, access and use of the Domains to any person who makes inconsistent use or performs infringing and prohibited conduct in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Changes to Terms of Service

C-NEUTRAL reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to update, modify or replace any part of these Terms and Conditions by posting updates and changes to the Website.

It is the User's responsibility to check the Website periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to our Website or Domains following the posting of any changes to these Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance of those changes.

You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time in www.c-neutral.co

Applicable law

This Terms and Conditions of Use agreement shall be governed by the laws of Colombia.

The rights, duties of Users and C-NEUTRAL, as well as the responsibility, and guarantees of law recognized and other aspects of electronic commerce and consumer protection will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the applicable legislation in this matter and other concordant regulations.

Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice (hereinafter the "Notice") sets forth the terms and conditions under which C-NEUTRAL identified with NIT. 901.426.711-9 and with address at Calle 94 Aª # 13-34 Oficina 105 in Bogotá D.C. will process your personal data.

Thus, who subscribes and accepts the Terms and Conditions, and expressly authorizes C-NEUTRAL S.A.S. and third parties to use as processors of personal data (hereinafter "C-NEUTRAL") to carry out the treatment in the manner permitted by law, in accordance with the Policy on Treatment and Use of Personal Data published in www.cneutral.co, and in accordance with the purposes indicated therein, and / or that were notified in this Privacy Notice.

C-NEUTRAL undertakes to inform the Owner by sending the Notice: the identity, address, and contact details of the Data Controller, the purposes and treatment to which your personal data will be subject, as well as the access mechanisms to know the personal data policy, and the mechanisms for making inquiries, claims by the Owner under the terms of current legislation.

Once sent, C-NEUTRAL will keep a copy of the Notice sent to the Holder, together with the Authorization for the Processing of Personal Data granted while the Treatment is carried out and in accordance with the obligations that assist C-NEUTRAL. The file may be made by any physical or electronic means available for these purposes.

Last update date

April 9, 2021.