Biita App

What is Biita App?

It is a mobile application developed to bring environmental management closer to people.

Its mission is to help them understand the impact their habits have on the environment and discover the way and actions to compensate for them.

Biita provides an estimated calculation of the personal carbon footprint, based on the criteria of: transport, food, habits and consumption of energy and gas. And from them information is provided to learn, reduce or offset your carbon footprint.

This is how Biita helps us all to achieve massive environmental management that allows us to reduce CO2 emissions and curb global warming.

It is available for iOS and Android.

Who benefits from Biita?

Everyone! Biita is for you if you are a person interested in knowing and managing your carbon footprint, supporting sustainable projects, developing sustainable habits and changing the world.

Why should you join the change with Biita?

Your daily actions do not lie, with each step you take carbon emissions are generated, which affect the environment.

On your way every action counts and adds up, you just need to learn and make a decision.

Remember that we are all part of the same planet.

How do I track my broadcasts from Biita App?

Recording daily the information that Biita requests in its sections. Imagine keeping an ecological diary on your mobile. Likewise, Biita App works.

What devices is Biita compatible with?

The Biita mobile app is currently compatible with iOS and Android devices.

What actions can I perform from my mobile?

Biita App is 100% mobile. That is to say that it goes with you to every place that you also carry your mobile. It’s your daily travel companion!

How do I see the details of my CO2 emissions?

From the calculation section of the Biita application. There you will find all your actions recorded in the app, so you can track your personal carbon footprint.

Is this app a carbon footprint calculator?

No. Biita App is much more than a calculator of your carbon footprint. Let’s say it’s your permanent travel companion, who helps you manage your emissions to reduce or offset them from alternatives applicable to your life and your habits.

Calculate your carbon footprint

What is the carbon footprint?

It’s your impact on the environment. The carbon footprint is the accounting of greenhouse gas emissions generated in all activities carried out by people and organizations.

How to calculate your carbon footprint?

Through our carbon footprint calculator you can know your estimated footprint from four variables, means of transport, food, habits and consumption at home.

Who can calculate their carbon footprint?

Anyone who wants to do it!We all impact, we all have to add to change.

Why is it important to be aware of our carbon footprint now?

It is essential to reduce CO2 emissions for warming to stabilize. Our mission is to neutralize them completely.

Why calculate my carbon footprint?

Because it will allow us to obtain an approximate data to reflect on the points where we must act to reduce emissions. In addition, all this information is included in a reduction plan with measures and alternatives that you can begin to implement in your lifestyle habits.

The calculation of my carbon footprint What period of consumption does it correspond to?

Carbon footprint calculations are generally based on annual emissions from the previous twelve (12) months.

Why do I have to select the country where I live?

This allows for a more accurate calculation of your emissions, as well as comparing your results with your country’s average.

Offset your carbon footprint

Who is responsible for offsetting carbon emissions?

All! Each of us generates CO2 emissions from all our daily actions of people. Therefore, our mission together is to articulate actions to reduce, offset, and neutralize to achieve net carbon emissions equal to zero.

How much does it cost to offset my carbon footprint?

The cost of offsetting the carbon footprint is different for everyone.

It depends on how much carbon your lifestyle emits and how much it costs to run the project you support.

Can I offset my carbon footprint right now?

Of course, taking action to achieve zero carbon neutrality does not require long periods of time. In fact, it is simple and you can do it at any time. C-Neutral offers and brings different actions to give more life to the planet.

What else can I do to help end the climate crisis?

You’re already here, and it’s a good starting point or an extra boost to keep taking action. However, the first thing to do is to see how you can reduce your carbon footprint and offset the rest.

You can also educate others about climate change, and for this you can download our Biita app, and recommend other people to do so.

I want to take strong action, what else can I do?

Excellent! Welcome to this section of C-Neutral articulators. Contact us and tell us about yourself. We will respond to your request shortly.

Isn’t carbon offsetting an excuse for not reducing emissions generated by organizations?

In a utopian world, all organizations could reduce their carbon emissions to zero. Maybe even make them purely positive. However, in practice, this is much more difficult.

Not only because of capital investment needs, but also because of cultural barriers and decisions along the supply chain.

It is for this reason, that the vast majority of organizations that claim to be carbon neutral are achieving it with at least some carbon offset.

How do I know that carbon offsetting has been done?

C-Neutral certifies all the projects in which you decide to contribute. Whether it is: planting or giving trees, planting corporate forests, buying or giving away ecological stoves, everyone will have a certificate that supports your decision. In addition, you can make a photographic follow-up in the projects that you voluntarily decide to support.