Carbon footprint calculation

Our tools will allow you to calculate your carbon footprint in a simple and effective way.

Carbon footprint calculation

What is carbon footprint?

It’s the impact on the environment as a result of Green House Gas emissions (GHG). In order to calculate the footprint, all the emissions generated by the activities of an indivuum or a corporation are accounted.

Calculation tools

How to calculate your carbon footprint?

With our tools we provide calculation solutions for everyone. Use Biita App to calculate your individual footprint or Biita Enterprise for your corporative footprint.

Save the world? This is our way of doing it

In C-neutral we offer different tools which allow the calculation individual or corporative carbon footprint. In this way, our clients have actual values to start the mitigation.

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What makes us so special?

Start your pathway towards carbon neutrality

In C-neutral we are committed to helping our planet

For this reason we decided to bring knowledge and environmental management together, so individuals and companies can build their pathway towards carbon neutrality in a simple and direct way.


Frequently asked questions

These are the questions we are commonly asked about this service.

Anyone who wants to do it! We all have an impact, we all have to work on the change.

The calculation of the carbon footprint is the first step to proceed with its reduction or compensation. Click on reduce or compensate according to the decision you make and give more life to the planet.

Carbon footprint calculations are generally based on annual emissions for the previous twelve (12) months.

ecause it will allow you to obtain approximate data to reflect on the points where action must be taken to reduce emissions. In addition, all this information is included in an emission reduction plan with measures and alternatives that you can begin to implement in your lifestyle.

It is essential to reduce CO2e emissions and avoid global warming. Our mission is to even get to neutralize them completely.