Carbon footprint offsetting

Carbon offsetting consists of neutralizing the amount of CO2e emissions generated by a company, project or person and generally corresponds to the last phase of a decarbonization management.

Carbon footprint offsetting

Become carbon neutral

Through strategies which include tree planting or carbon credits, generated in high quality projects.

Your compensation plan must be aligned with the corporate strategy and include the selection criteria of the compensation projects, thus ensuring the creation of value and the contribution to sustainable development.

Corporate compensation strategies

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We carefully select our portfolio of projects to offset your organization’s emissions.

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At C-neutral we offer a portfolio of carefully selected carbon offset projects, with high standards and co-benefits that contribute to sustainable development; companies will find in this portfolio the project that best fits their strategic vision.

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In C-neutral we are commited to help our planet

For this reason we decided to bring knowledge and environmental management together, so every person and company can build their path to carbon neutrality in a simple and direct way.


Frequently asked questions

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Everyone! Individuals, projects and corporations generate CO2e emissions in the activities they carry out on a daily basis, which is why it is up to all of us to establish and carry out actions that allow us to manage these emissions and bring them to a zero balance.

C-neutral certifies all projects in which you decide to contribute. Whether by planting trees, planting corporate forests or carbon credits. Each project generates a certificate that guarantees the offset.

Excellent! You are in the right place, in C-neutral we have a portfolio of products and services to support your environmental management. Contact us through the form.

The cost of offsetting the carbon footprint is different for everyone.
It depends on the amount of carbon emissions you generate, the value of the carbon credit or the compensation project costs.

Of course, in fact, it is simple and you can do it at any time; C-neutral offers you and brings you closer to different mechanisms to do it.

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