Sustainable investments

Constraints in financial resources accessibility hinder the start of many sustainable projects

With our help, you will find the investors in the market with portfolios focused on projects that aim to reduce CO2e emissions.

Inversiones sostenibles en Colombia
Sustainable investments

Who said sustainable projects aren’t economically attractive?

Restrictions on access to financial resources make it difficult to initiate many sustainable projects.

Help finance dreamers who want to create impactful projects, but don’t have enough resources. Add value to your investment by supporting activities like reforestation, conservation of natural ecosystems, among others.

Available projects

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Our projects are monitored and comply with national and international standards to ensure total transparency in the delivery of their value promise. They also support several SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), positively impacting communities and the environment.

Save the world? This is our way of doing it

By connecting potential investors with managers of environmentally positive projects, we bridge the gap between the two and enable a greater flow of capital in a secure manner for both participants.

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What makes us so special?

Start your path to carbon neutrality

In C-neutral we are commited to help our planet

For this reason we decided to bring knowledge and environmental management together, so every person and company can build their path to carbon neutrality in a simple and direct way.


Frequently asked questions

These are the questions we are commonly asked about this service.

¡Todo aquel que quiera hacerlo! Todos impactamos, todos tenemos que sumar al cambio.

El cálculo de la huella de carbono es el primer paso para proceder con su reducción o compensación. Haz clic en reducir o compensar de acuerdo a la decisión que tomes para regalarle más vida al planeta.

Esto permite un cálculo más preciso de tus emisiones, además de comparar sus resultados con el promedio de su país.

Los cálculos de la huella de carbono se basan generalmente en las emisiones anuales de los doce (12) meses anteriores.

Porque te permitirá obtener un dato aproximado para reflexionar sobre los puntos donde hay que actuar para reducir las emisiones. Además, toda esta información se incluye en un plan de reducción con medidas y alternativas que puedes comenzar a poner en marcha en tus hábitos de vida.

Es imprescindible reducir las emisiones de CO2 para que el calentamiento se estabilice. Nuestra misión es llegar a neutralizarlas por completo.