Sustainable reforestation of 1800 ha for carbon capture, biodiversity conservation and provision of ecosystem services to mitigate climate change and promote environmental sustainability in the Puerto Gaitán municipality, Colombia.

Project Type:

Agriculture, forestry and other land uses – ARR AFOLU

Project Seize:

2.676 ha

Preliminar suitable area:

1800 ha

Future expansion potential of the project:

876 ha

Project Location:

The project is located in the Orinoco region, department of Meta, Municipality of Puerto Gaitán, located in the Los Vidales village, San Rafael, San Miguel and La Primavera 1 and 2 properties.

Project Description:

The project promotes investments in new commercial forest plantations in Puerto Gaitán, transforming lands from extensive livestock farming to sustainable forest systems. Based on responsible forestry practices, it will increase forest cover and restore natural forests, generating biological and productive corridors that offer essential financial, social and environmental services for the region. This comprehensive approach includes mitigating climate change by efficiently capturing carbon, regulating water flows to strengthen water security, expanding habitats to promote biodiversity, and conserving local flora and fauna. The initiative is committed to preserving biological wealth, encouraging the growth of native species and promoting connectivity between ecosystems. In addition, it seeks to generate ecosystem services such as pollination, local climate regulation and improvement of soil quality.

The lands, initially degraded grasslands, host natural areas and gallery forests in low-lying and watershed protection areas. The project contemplates the planting of native and introduced species in an adaptable spatial arrangement, including for agroforestry systems. The sustainable reforestation initiative, covering 1800 hectares, promotes the diversified cultivation of species of high ecosystem value and efficient carbon capture, contributing significantly to the mitigation of climate change and highlighting its comprehensive commitment to environmental sustainability and ecological balance in Puerto Gaitán, Meta.

Carbon Offsets Estimate:

Shift 30 years:

Total offset buffer 15 %296.508381.498604.972

Shift 60 years:

Total offset buffer 15 %587.857756.3771.199.905