Establishment of 800 ha of Eucalyptus, Acacia, and Pine for wood production and carbon capture in the municipality of Puerto López, Colombia.

Project Type:

Agriculture, forestry and other land uses – ARR AFOLU

Project Seize:

2.893,8 ha

Preliminar suitable area:

800 ha

Future expansion potential of the project:

1.000 ha

Project Location:

The project is located in the Orinoco region, department of Meta, Municipality of Puerto López, lower villages of Murillo and mountains in the Río Nuevo farm.

Project Description:

The Project promotes investment in new commercial forest plantations in the municipality of Puerto López. The project is based on changing land use from extensive livestock farming (low productivity and using prescribed burning to encourage the regrowth of degraded grasslands) to sustainable forest production systems, based on good forestry practices, which will increase forest cover in the project region and promote the restoration of remaining natural forests, thus generating a landscape of biological and productive corridors that produce financial, social and environmental services for the region. These impacts include climate change mitigation, regulation of water flows, habitat expansion, and conservation of the area’s flora and fauna.
The lands of the project area are located in a cover of degraded grasslands, in which historically they have been subject to burning to encourage the regrowth of said grasses, however, natural areas and gallery forests are still preserved in the low and high areas. watershed protection. The project is proposed with native and introduced species planted in a spatial arrangement that allows their optimal growth and development. This arrangement can be adjusted upon request since the land is suitable for either type of species and even for agroforestry or silvopastoral systems.

Carbon Offsets Estimate:

Shift 30 years:

Total offset buffer 15 %342.230408.068567.103

Shift 60 years:

Total offset buffer 15 %677.144807.3501.123.142