It is no secret to anyone that global warming is a reality that we are currently living in the world. Which is complex to solve due to the imbalance that exists with the carbon footprint of each individual, which represents the greenhouse gas emissions that we have emitted over a period of time.

Every year we produce millions of tons of CO2 equivalent worldwide, which, by the way, this figure continues to increase more and more, which is worrying. However, we can significantly achieve a carbon balance through some actions and habits that could transform this reality.

Planting trees, one of the fundamental actions to reduce your carbon footprint

To combat these environmental problems, it is necessary to understand what actions would change or offset our carbon footprint.There are several, but one of the most influential is the planting of trees, since it reduces, in large quantities, the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Types of trees you could plant

  • Chestnut (castanea sativa): 150 kg CO2 per tree.
  • Pinus radiata: 1.15 t CO2 per tree.
  • Pinus pinaster: 550 kg CO2 per tree.
  • Shade banana (platanus hispanica): 650 kg CO2 per tree.
  • Holm oak (querqus ilex): 150 kg CO2 per tree.
  • Pinus sylvestris: 100 kg CO2 per tree.

Activities that encourage planting or giving away trees

Proposing measures to prevent tree deforestation is extremely essential to reduce the carbon footprint. More companies are using smart and sustainable systems that contribute to improving people’s behavior, raising awareness about the importance of forests and encouraging participation in activities or events focused on planting trees collectively.

There are programs that encourage the planting of trees in a fun and educational way, such as: carbon footprint compensation, giving or donating a tree, planting one in memory of someone and planting with schools or companies.These activities can be done with increasingly larger equipment, the more trees we plant, the greater the benefits will be for our planet.

Find out in your city plans or events in which you can participate and support this type of initiative. Keep in mind that planting a tree generates oxygen and absorbs the carbon dioxide produced by pollution. Can you imagine that on every corner in the streets of your city there is a tree planted? It would be a dream you never wanted to wake up from.

In this sense, there must be clear policies and sustainability programs that prioritize education to address the climate crisis. Additionally, you should consider tree plantations as a great opportunity for us to implement solid actions that reflect a revealing change in the reduction of our carbon footprint.


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